Wedding Plus-One Etiquette

Figuring out wedding etiquette may have been easier 50 years ago, when wedding etiquette was pretty black and white, and everyone seemed to know the proper way. But now it's 2017, and most of the traditional wedding rules are widely considered "old-fashioned." You would think that this would be nice, but it actually just makes everything more complicated because you never know if the Bride and Groom are more lax or totally all about manners. Here are 11 rules ya'll need to know. The last thing you want to do is go to one of them with your plus-one questions, so... how are you supposed to handle this stuff?! Trust me, I deal with it on the regular.

Relax, I got you! While every couple is different, there are some pretty general plus-one rules that every person invited to a wedding should be following…even in 2017. If the Bride or Groom doesn't specify what they want you to do, then your best bet is to pay attention to the below etiquette to figure out the right thing to do. These 11 rules for bringing a plus one will (hopefully) keep you from ticking anyone off, and also ensure that you have a great time. Because weddings might be a little stressful, but admit it — they're also pretty awesome.

1. If your invitation doesn't say plus-one, that means you weren't invited with a guest. End of story.

2. Don't ask for a plus-one if you weren't given one.

3. Be understanding if you're single and don't get a plus-one.

4. If you do get a plus-one, RSVP using your guest's name, not just your name and +1.

5. If your guest was named, don't substitute someone else.

6. Don't RSVP with a plus-one unless you know for sure your plus-one is going to come.

7. Don't bring someone who is obviously going to cause drama.

10. Introduce your guest to the couple and your friends, but don't make the night about you.

11. If your guest doesn't know the couple at all, don't ask them to chip in for said gift.



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